Fotonic obstacle detecion demo

We believe in 3D cameras being an enabler for industry to take a leap in automation and robotics. One important application is collision avoidance for forklift trucks and autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs). By an improved obstacle detection the working environment would become safer and less goods would be damaged. At Fotonic we have now developed a demo software in order to present what can be achieved with 3D cameras and image processing.

Obstacles in front of the truck can be detected using a Fotonic 3D camera. When an obstacle is detected within a restricted volume an alarm can be sent to the driver of the truck or to the control system. The restricted volume can also be dynamically updated with for example the speed or the turning of the truck. This way the warning field can be optimized resulting in improved quality of the alarms and increased productivity.

Enjoy the Fotonic Obstacle Detection Demo below or click here for more real world applications.