Fotonic Viewer update

Today we have released our new free Fotonic Viewer version 1.1.
In Fotonic Viewer 1.1 we have made general performance and stability improvements.
Especially for the P60U-series and Fotonic Astra cameras the following fixes / additions are made:

  • Possibility to activate Color and depth stream synchronization
  • Possibility to see the IR stream
  • Camera serial number identification
  • Fixed crashes on disconnect/reconnect

You can download the Fotonic Viewer 1.1 free from our online store

Fotonic Viewer is free software designed to control and visualize data coming from 3D cameras of various brands. It supports live 3D streaming as well as data recording and playback.

Fotonic Viewer allows you to naturally and intuitively view point clouds from multiple sensors in multiple viewports – simultaneously! Point clouds can be displayed using configurable color encodings or using a camera’s RGB channel. Also, the viewer comes equipped with the FNR (Fotonic Noise Reduction) filter and a median filter.

Using the mouse you can perform simple measurements directly in the viewport.
Fotonic Viewer 1.1 supports the following cameras:

  • Fotonic E-series
  • Fotonic P60U-series
  • Fotonic Astra series
  • Kinect 2 (XBOX ONE)

Supported file formats for recording and playback are PCD (Point Cloud Library file format) and PGM. The program runs on Windows 7,8 and 10.

Do not hesitate to contact our support for bug reports or feature suggestions.