XYZ goes RGB in Fotonic 3D camera launch

Fotonic F-series

When Vision 2016 opened its doors in Stuttgart November 8th, Fotonic unveiled three new series of high-resolution industrial 3D cameras, the F-series, G-series and the P-series. The first two mentioned cameras are based on time-of-flight technology, while the P-series is a camera for depth measurements using structured light technology.

Combining high performance with prices starting at EUR 1190 for the F-series, EUR 990 for the G-series and EUR 450 for the P-series, Fotonic drew big crowds at their Vision booth.

”Our objective during development of these units has been high performance at a very competitive price and I’m proud of the way that we’ve taken on that challenge,” says Rickard Åström, CEO of Fotonic.

Regarding the company’s offer of the first industrial TOF camera with exact matching of color and depth, Åström states that it opens up a new world of opportunities for robotics and automation.

”It raises the bar,” Åström says. ”When we add color to depth in for example object detection and identification it makes 3D camera time-of-flight technology so much smarter.”

The F-series offer QVGA resolution on depth images and VGA resolution on color images, and a frame rate of 20 frames per second.

Another new addition to Fotonic’s offer is the G-series, a compact and cost-effective time-of-flight 3D smart camera providing solid performance with VGA-resolution on depth images.

”With our level of pricing it makes trying out the technology an easier decision than it has ever been,” says Åström.”We have also been able to make it even more compact, adding distinguishing features like frame rates of 40 frames per second.”

F-series and G-series, are offered with two different field-of-views at 80° x 64° or 45° x 34° to make it possible to optimize the performance for the application.

Both the F-series and G-series are now available for preorders. Take a look at the full specifications:
– F-series
– G-series