3D a new age for industry

Rickard Åström CEO Fotonic

When Sweden’s leading trade publication, Dagens Industri, released their monthly magazine Dimension March 15th, the topic was 3D. From cover to cover. The lion’s share of content was centered around the possibilities with 3D printing, but 3D vision and scanning was also part of the issue.

As it should. One reason is that we see the same type of growth in our market place as 3D printing companies see in theirs. Growth in the coming years can be exponential.

The other is more philosophical. What we both are all about is the additional possibilities of another dimension. 2D has boundaries that limits ideas and possibilities. With a new dimension at hand, it opens for a multitude of new types of applications and businesses.

That is why we at Fotonic believe that 3D cameras are enablers for automation, robotics and other fields to help create a safer and more sustainable world. As our customer base grows, so does the number of applications and fields of use. One example we are presenting in this newsletter is Farmic, a company offering solutions for modern farming.

In a way, our cameras are to our customers what new set of colors is to an artist. That is a role we cherish.

Join us for the ride toward the future,

Rickard Åström, CEO, Fotonic.