Dairy farming in 3D

Dairy farming in 3D

How is a dairy farmer with responsibility for hundreds of cows supposed to know the needs of each animal? Farmic, a company that provides solutions for agriculture based on optical sensor technology, has an answer – and it uses Fotonic’s 3D cameras.

With DeLaval, a world leader for the dairy farming industry, Farmic has developed and manufactured the world’s first commercially available system for automatic body condition scoring.

“With access to effective 3D camera technology from Fotonic, we could build our system,” says Gösta Forsén, CEO of Farmic. “The size of the average farm is growing and a farmer needs reliable technology to help them with everyday operations. The Fotonic cameras help us achieve that.”

The scores generated by the application are used as a critical measure of how effective feeding is on a farm. It needs to be done accurately and at specific times in the lactation cycle. Knowing the body condition score helps farmers plan feeding to ensure cows have healthy body fat reserves thus promoting milk production, reproductive efficiency and cow longevity.

Founded in 2013, Farmic recognized an increasing demand for intelligent systems for sustainable growth of farms.

“Farmer’s want tools that help with profitability, quick and easy decision-making and increased animal welfare. 3D smart cameras is an excellent tool for helping us achieve that,” says Forsén, whose company is currently developing new products based on optical sensor technology aimed at farms.