Fotonic strengthens team

Maja Ilestrand, Image Processing Expert, Fotonic

Fotonic strengthens its team with Maja Ilestrand, a new image processing expert. “Fotonic has an exciting product range that I look forward to working with,” she says.

Arguably, Fotonic already has one of the world’s most experienced engineering team when it comes to developing hardware for 3D cameras and image processing software.

To strengthen itself further on the world market, Fotonic has recruited Ilestrand, and thereby gained additional cutting-edge expertise. Ilestrand will focus on computer vision work.

“The assignment is both interesting and fun. Getting involved in a computer vision project and doing it for real is a very special feeling. Hopefully it will be of help to the industry, but also to ‘ordinary’ people”, Ilestrand adds.

Like many others at the Stockholm office, Maja Ilestrand comes from a background of studies at Linköping University’s Y-section, a centre for technical physics and electrical engineering as well as medical technology. Based at Farmic for her thesis work, she developed an identification system based on computer vision, for cows and their ear tags.

“The system is linked to milking robots, and identifies which cows have been milked. The project was challenging and I’m pleased with what I have achieved”, says Ilestrand.

It was during this time that she first came in contact with Fotonic’s technology. “I’m excited to work for Fotonic, and especially to work with imaging, as this is what I have my degree in.”

Her chosen programme was at first related to medical technology. At first, her interest in medicine was based on an idea of ​​becoming a doctor, but eventually transferred to mathematics.

“I did the science programme at a sports-themed upper secondary school, so I had to take some extra courses, such as mathematics and physics. That’s when I realised I enjoyed them. I came across medical technology, which was the perfect mix of medicine, physics and mathematics – all the subjects I enjoyed. I then discovered how wide the field of imaging really is”, Ilestrand concludes.