Fotonic offers a dynamic environment with a team driven by technical innovation and being in the forefront of 3D camera technology and image processing. We have offices in Stockholm and Skellefteå and are looking for talented people to both these locations.


3D Image Processing Engineer

As an 3D Image Processing Engineer you will work with algorithm design, programming 3D cameras and related applications, frameworks and APIs in C++ and Python and, to a limited amount, C. You are used to work with all the relevant image processing tools both 2D and 3D, like OpenCV, PCL etc.

You will work with external development and deliveries according to a project plan put together by the customer or our internal team. You will work together in a smaller team with image processing experts. You will be reporting to the CTO SW at Fotonic.
For example, you will work with:

  • Customer specific applications
  • Data acquisition
  • Algorithm development and testing
  • Profiling
  • Developing application solutions using our 3D cameras

This position suits you if you’re interested in developing your skills within computer vision and 3D processing, working in a creative environment within a company that lies at the forefront in the latest technology.

What we are looking for in you as a candidate

  • A degree within computer engineering or other relevant fields
  • Machine-learning, including deep-learning
  • Digital signal processing
  • Computer vision and pattern recognition
  • Advanced image and video processing
  • Data science and analysis
  • Navigation and tracking
  • Cloud computing

It will be considered an additional qualification if you:

  • Have in-depth knowledge in one of the following technologies:
    • Linux
    • Boost
    • PCL
  • Have knowledge and experience with 3D graphics
  • Have knowledge of mathematical computing using numpy or Matlab
  • Have experience from working with Robot Operating System (ROS)

As a person you are structured and able to organize your workday and the work you do, you are self-reliant and with an inner-drive, able to push your own work forward without strict guidelines. You are a team-player that enjoys communicating and cooperating with your colleagues.
As a colleague in Fotonic you will be working in an inspiring and innovative athmosphere with leading edge technology and challenging problems that we believe are fundamental to the development of our society in a sustainable way.

Technical responsible for development of LIDAR products

As technical responsible for development of LIDAR products you will work with system design and technical planning. You will mainly work with customer financed development. You will work together in a smaller team that today consists of 10 persons both employed in Fotonic and from sub-contractors. The team consist of Optical designers, Electronic engineers, Mechanical engineers and both C++ and FPGA programmers.
You will be reporting to the CTO at Fotonic.

For example, you will work with:

  • Propose design and together with CTO, Project Manager and customer make design decisions.
  • Secure that the parts developed by the team within in optics, electronic, software and mechanics sums up into a system that will perform as expected or better.
  • Together with the Project Manager and the team plan the technical development and then follow up technical progress, quality and risks.
  • Secure that suppliers of chosen critical components fulfils their obligations.
  • Communicate with the customer and be their systems expert.

This position suits you if you’re interested in working as a systems designer within one the coolest technology fields, have great skills within designing solutions and communicating them and like to move fast with a high workload. You will be working in a creative environment within a company that lies at the international forefront of the latest technolog.


You can always apply for internship or thesis project at Fotonic. If we find talented students we usually try to find them a suitable project. Please email and include your CV, personal letter and transcript.

At the moment we are looking for students for the following thesis projects: