Development of custom 3D image processing algorithms and software

Fotonic has vast experience in design of 3D image processing algorithms and software for many different vision applications. By utilizing the knowledge in 3D camera hardware Fotonic can provide optimized software solutions for the customer. All algorithms and software are customized to deliver the best possible results with respect to the customer applications and needs. To give a short time-to-market and low development cost the software is usually based on the Fotonic proprietary algorithm library.

If you are looking for a vision solution Fotonic offer services to provide a first application design including:
•   definition and review of requirements
•   3D data collection
•   presentation of concepts and feasibility
•   first demonstration of prototype vision system

The software is then developed in close cooperation with the customer and in an agile development process where we like to focus on:
•   modularization
•   graphical user interfaces for test and maintenance
•   version management
•   automated software tests

After deployment of the vision system Fotonic offer support and maintenance of the software.